Black Hole

There was a mirror

That you stood in front of every day

Opened your lips, showing me baby pearls, and 

The places you weren’t so baby anymore.

Regardless of your many boo-boos and, 

Annoying coos to the magpie out of our window,

I, your reflection, was what you wanted to see.  And

although my voice could never reverberate in your ears, 

Due to this sliver of glass in between,

Mere words didn’t barricade us.

Because our eyes intersected 

like constellations in the dark.

A supernova, perfectly in sync

when you lifted your left arm,

and I lifted my right,

argued so much

but never had a real fight.

We were too soft for that

or at least, you used to be.

When you used to bother to

look at me.


You grew

Displayed an array of waves

That my eyes could never have the power to see.

Infrared insults

Bombarded my soul, 

Microwaved my sanity, 

X Rayed my frail being, 

Until all that was left 

Was a burnt layer cosmic dust. 


Cosmic dust

Infused within the melanin of our skin

A beautiful, bright, and brilliant star

Brought back 

By the black hole 

You created 



Our reflections used to weave around each other,

Flowed like the Milky Way, 

Thick with emotion,


Thickness was thinned by your 

Tight smiles, your 

tightrope lifestyle 

Almost like you want to lose balance

Lose your handle on life

I pound my fists on the glass

But you are blind to my lightning love.


You demagnetize the space around yourself, 

Repelling those who could set you free.

Your pride, a meteorite 

That showers down 

Hoping, praying,  

For an inkling of intimacy.

But my pity, aligned to the slant of the sun 

and the sadness of your soul

Isn’t enough to mend the tear in your 





Because there was once a mirror,

And I, your reflection, 

Occupied the other side.

Gravity used to pull us close 

But you wish to join another galaxy.

Erasing the after images of your wrongs

from your retinas


And surely,

If you look in the mirror once more,

You will see something you love 



Image: First photograph of a black hole.


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