Mathematics: try and calculate me.

Mathematics: try and

calculate me. Determine  

the set values of my 



Mathematics: solve algebraically, 

the coordinates forming my 

parabolic anatomy.


Mathematics: prove me

with your trig identities, and 

try to figure out

the complexity of my 



Mathematics: follow your

order of operations, your

methodical foundations, and 

place a definition beside 

my identity.


You, derive logic from chaos, and 

reason from digits,

find limits contained in one-tenth of a minute;

angles from slopes, and

side lengths from tangents.


your obsession with accuracy, your

perfectionist mentality,

fails to interpret the vastness of 

my personality.


You, look at me 

with frustration, only seeing an

unsolved equation, so

you restrict my domains, and 

quantify my range, and 

graph my inequality so 

my values may never change, and 

bound my beauty between greater than and less than;

you look at me and see someone to solve, to prove, to sketch, and

you try to classify my incongruities 

by using probability to predict my inconsistencies.

You may illustrate and extrapolate,

and verify after you evaluate,

but your rational mind can’t stretch far enough

to reach 

my infinity.


You, desperately try to explain,

where my parabola is on your Cartesian Plane, but  

Mathematics, I 

am still the unsolved variable to your 

erroneous equation,

my solutions having

no constant definition.


Mathematics, my values are beautifully miscellaneous

but you just call them extraneous, because you

fail to understand that my beauty wasn’t planned. 

It can’t be plotted point by point on your stern command.  

Your maximums and minimums will not sway where I stand.


Mathematics, you 

describe me by rearranging digits from zero to nine, but 

the square my values blows up your calculator every time.

With the real number system,

I cannot be confined.


Mathematics, you may try to

bound me in a right-angled triangle with

ninety-degree vision, and

Pythagorean precision, but

a2 and b2 will never equal c2  

because the hypotenuse 



and points, telling me 

that I require no proof to become an identity, 

that I am unpredictable, thriving in my spontaneity, 

that my beauty is too massive for you to try and

calculate me.


So mathematics,

please try,

and calculate me.

Featured Image → Iranian Maryam Mirzakhani was the first woman to ever win the Field’s Medal (equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize in Mathematics) in 2014.


8 thoughts on “Mathematics: try and calculate me.

    1. Dear Sarah,
      Thank you!!! You just made my day ten times better. Thank you for looking at my blog even though you didn’t have to. It feels nice to be appreciated by someone who writes so well.
      Enjoy the rest of your break!

  1. Dear Nazeefa,
    I find your spoken word amazing from comparing mathematics to yourself is empowering. I find nothing needed to be changed and your performance of it was amazing. I can not wait to read more of your works.


    1. Dear Melody,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I got a lot of love from the entire class for this piece and I am humbled and honored for your appreciation.
      I look forward to your comments!

  2. Dear Nazeefa,

    I´ve heard you read out this piece at least three times and I swear that every time I hear it I start to smile uncontrollably because it is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard. Being able to see it in front of me and read out each and every word in my head makes me realize just how perfectly each line flows into the next. You are such a beautiful writer. I´ve read so many of your pieces and continue to because the way your mind works is out of this world!

    I cannot find any places for you to improve, but honestly I´m not even surprised.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful mind and the words it puts together!



    1. Dear Maira,
      Your words make me so happy. I am glad that you, and the entire class appreciated my work, because it motivates me to do better. It gives me the courage to connect things that others would not consider connecting, and boldly stand under the spotlight. You make my words feel like they matter.
      I look forward to your comments!

  3. Dear Nazeefa,

    First off, your blog, aesthetically speaking, looks fascinating. Not to say that your work isn’t, because this spoken word was my favourite one out of everyone who presented, myself included. It’s crazy how every piece of work you share in class or post on the blog seems like it took several years to produce and a couple years to polish, by multiple writers. It’s just amazing, and this spoken word is definitely evidence for that!
    I certainly do not have any criticism or advice for you, this is perfect the way it is.
    Overall, I was and wasn’t surprised when you presented this piece, because WOW!…and I sort of expected it coming from you. Just don’t stop writing!


    1. Dear Unas,
      You do not UNDERSTAND how much blood, sweat, and tears went into finding the perfect template and formatting. I am a perfectionist by nature, and I just needed the right look for my blog to simply get out of depression. I am glad that my efforts are appreciated lol.
      I am humbled by your words. This poem is one that meant a lot to me, and your appreciation just makes it even more special. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      I look forward to your comments!

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