Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend


A sister and a brother are in a heavily guarded jewelry store to steal some diamonds. Although it is unclear as to why they are there, we become aware of their different perspectives on life.

Character Descriptions

Sister: Is very insecure and innocent. She may be older, but she is easily fooled by her younger brother and others in her life. She has a patronizing voice, even though she is so gullible.
Brother: Incredibly cunning and clever. He manipulates his older sister to commit this crime with him and shows her how important it is to loosen up a bit and be able to distinguish lies from truth. He has a childish voice, but is much more knowledgeable than her.


In an expensive jewelry store, set in modern times.

Production Notes

It takes place at night with a red glow and gold trays filled with jewels. Since a conversation is happening, it is important to reinforce the tense setting throughout.


(Brother and sister are in the jewelry store. They have one large bag that Brother is stuffing diamond rings into. Sister is pacing the store, jumping at every sound that there is. She turns to look at him dumping everything recklessly.)

Sister: What are you doing?

Brother: I am stuffing the bag, what do you think I am doing?

Sister: Are you crazy! These are five-carat diamonds, you can’t just shove them in like that!

Brother: Actually, these are the hardest minerals on Earth. They can be dropped from outer space, and they still will not break.

Sister: Still, be careful you are making so much noise!

Brother: We don’t have time to worry about noise. I disabled the cameras a while ago, and we have ten minutes left.

Sister: That’s it! Oh no, oh no, oh no, I told you this was a bad idea! (Brother puts a finger to his lips and shushes her) The police are going to barge in any minute and, the alarms are going to go off, and we are going to get arrested, and…

Brother: You will not be mom’s favorite anymore…

Sister: Exactly! And (Sharply turns to him and glares) Hey, I didn’t even have a choice, you got me into this mess.

Brother: You agreed.

Sister: You blackmailed me.

Brother: It is said that a businessman has to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. I just used my resources effectively.

Sister: You are a twelve-year-old thief.

Brother: No, I am a twelve-year-old boy that got a sixteen-year-old girl to agree to steal diamonds from the most heavily guarded mall in the city. If anything, I am a fucking genius.

Sister: Don’t use that word! 

Brother: Shhhhhh! They are going to hear us! Why are you so loud?

Sister: (mocking tone) “We don’t have time to worry about noise” (gets look from Brother) I am scared okay, I am scared.

Brother: Then you gotta chill! If you waste your time thinking about what could happen, then how are you going to enjoy what is happening now?

Sister: Enjoy? There is nothing to enjoy at this moment.

Brother: You are surrounded by money, what do you mean there is nothing to enjoy! Aren’t diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Sister: Only if a man puts it on her finger!

Brother: Are you actually going to wait until some man in the universe is forced to fall in love with you, buys one diamond ring on sale, and gets down on one knee?

Sister: Don’t say it like that! He will buy me the best ring in the world!

Brother: Who is he?

Sister: Oh don’t play dumb. He is the reason I am here being your slave. And how much of our texts did you read anyways?

Brother: More than I should have. (Sister groans) Seriously though, he promised to marry you?

Sister: I know, isn’t that romantic? He said we are going to get married as soon as we graduate. (Stares with wide eyes at one of the rings. It is the biggest and prettiest out of all of them)

Brother: That is a fat lie.

Sister: (sharply turns) How would you know? You are too young to understand love.

Brother: (laughs) So are you!

Sister: I have felt Love in all of its forms. (touching each of the rings)

Brother: By being attracted to a premature beard?

Sister: (angry, then dreamy) No, by falling in love with the most caring person in the world! He said he already bought the ring.

Brother: And how would you know that?

Sister: Because he told me so.

Brother: So you just believe anything he says?

Sister: Why shouldn’t I? Give me one reason that he would lie. (no answer) Exactly, so you mind your own business, grow up, and you will know exactly what I am talking about. (picks the pretty ring up and admires it in her hand)

Brother: Ou, that one is worth a lot. And, I hate to break it to you, but I will never have a crush.

Sister: (smirking) Really?

Brother: Nope.

Sister: Never?

Brother: Ever.

Sister: (visible doubt) We will see.

Brother: If I spend my entire life chasing after some girl, I will literally die! I will not be able to travel the world or be rich. Look at dad! He spent his entire life taking care of us, so now he owns a van! What are my friends going to say if I end up with a car like that! I want to cruise through cities in my bright orange SUV…

Sister: (crossed arms) With stolen jewelry in the passenger seat as your lover?

Brother: Exactly! That is my dream life.

Sister: (rolls eyes) Your so delusional (A moment of silence and the sound of footsteps approaching. They duck behind a wall, and wait for the night guard to walk away. They wait for a few seconds and Sister whispers) We are going to get caught for sure.

Brother: Stop worrying! He didn’t even see us. (both come out from behind the wall and continue filling the bag)

Sister: (groans) I should have just let you snake me out.

Brother: You should have. Even I would have let me snake myself out if I was in your position. It is so easy to fool you.

Sister: I know! (whimpers) People can just say something and I’ll believe it right away.

Brother: If you are smart enough to understand that, then why don’t you stop it?

Sister: I…I don’t know. I just feel something in my mind…

Brother: Your conscience?

Sister: Yeah, that. I feel this voice inside of me telling me to act as I always do even though I know I shouldn’t.

Brother: That does not make any logical sense. 

Sister: (offended) How would you know, you are only twelve.

Brother: Okay so? That does not mean I don’t understand these things. (puts arm around her shoulder) Look, I know that I am not as experienced as you are in life (rolls eyes) but I am still your brother, and you can rely on me when times get tough. I will be your private bodyguard always close enough to fight (kicks knee up abruptly), and HIYAH (air punch) and ARGGGG (squishing motion with hands as if compressing an imaginary head) that guy you keep texting every night. (Throws imaginary head on the ground. Sister is too horrified to speak). He should know not to mess with my sister’s conscience. Then, I will KAPOW… (kicking motion that causes a large mirror to fall on the floor and shatter. An alarm goes off, and they jump away from each other.)

(Brother and Sister look into each other’s eyes in fear. Brother holds the bag of diamonds in his hand, and they rush behind a hidden wall. Footsteps of the night guard are heard, and a 911 call is made.)

Sister: Mom and dad are finding out for sure. (Brother looks at her bewildered)

Brother: Is that what you are worried about? Not that we may get a criminal record!

Sister: That sure didn’t matter to you when you brought me here in the first place, so I don’t care either. And no, we are escaping before the police can catch us. There is a vent right there, get your screwdriver out.

(Brother takes a screwdriver out of his pocket and begins opening up the larger vent. He sees that Sister is clutching the bag to her chest.)

Brother: Drop the diamonds! We don’t need them anymore, help me out.  

Sister: Why should we leave them here? We worked so hard to get them! 

Brother: (looks at her shocked and throws the bag out of her hands) No way! We are taking the evidence of the theft with us while the police are close by (sirens are heard just as Brother opens the last screw) C’mon let’s go. 

Sister: (defiant) I didn’t just break into a mall without taking anything with me. GIVE ME THE BAG! (sound of voices nearing. Sister tries to shove the bag into the vent, but it wouldn’t fit.)

Brother: GO, GO, GO! We don’t have time! (sister drops the bag and they both slide into the vent. The police enter the store a few seconds later)

(Officer’s voice can be pre-recorded: “Darn Larry, they got away! Look they left their loot in the store, buncha dumb teens. Can’t even steal properly.”)

(Scene shift. Brother and Sister are running outside in the rain, panting for air. They get very far, turning to see no one following them. Then, they slow down and laugh hysterically).

Sister: HAHAHAHA WHAT LOSERS (her voice echos into the night)

Brother: They couldn’t even track us down with their fancy equipment. (they high-five) We should go back in there and get the bag.

Sister: Nah, this is a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing. Plus, I’m too tired now. (puts hands in pockets and feels something, confused. Pulls out that ring that she was admiring at the store. Both look at it with wide eyes.) 

Brother: You took it!

Sister: I didn’t know that it was in my pocket until now!

Brother: You’re lying, I know you slid it into your pocket without telling me.

Sister: Now, I am telling you that I do not even remember taking it. (pause)

Brother: That can’t be possible.

Sister: Then how do you explain how it is in my pocket! (admires the ring in the light) It was so beautiful, so massive, so unique. It gleamed under the LED lights like a shooting star. I remember thinking that if my existence was to be defined by a ring, then I’d want it to look like that one.

Brother: That is your conscience speaking to you.

Sister: What?

Brother: If the voice in your head feels like it is being ignored, then it may control parts of your body to send you a message.

Sister: And who told you that?

Brother: The voice in my head.

Sister: And you believe everything that it says?

Brother: Well, give me one reason that it would lie to me. 

Sister: (Looks at him knowingly and they continue walking) Is this your way of telling me to dump him?

Brother: Yes and no. This is my way of telling you to listen to your heart. Are you even old enough to get married?

Sister: Why wouldn’t I be? (She slips it onto her finger, but it is very loose and falls on the pavement. She laughs and picks it up and Brother raises his eyebrows) Okay, okay I guess I am not, but there is no harm in dreaming.

Brother: Just make sure your dreams don’t become reality. (they stop to look into a lake) What are you going to do with the ring anyways?

Sister: I don’t know, do you want to sell it?

Brother: No, I’m good. (Sister is confused) I’ll stick to selling stolen shoes. This was too much for me to handle I gotta admit. 

Sister: Well, what am I going to do with a wedding ring?

Brother: Then why is it in your pocket if you do not know what to do with it? We were the only two in the store, and it was your hand that physically placed it in your pocket without you noticing. Your body is trying to tell you something. Just listen for once.

(Sister looks at the ring carefully in her hand) 

Sister: (sighs) I guess diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend after all.

(She looks into the lake and throws the ring into it in one motion. They stand there watching as the waves take it away until it sinks)

Brother: They may not be a girl’s best friend, but they are a woman’s.

Sister: (sarcastically) Did your conscience tell you that too?

Brother: No, my common sense did. You are dumping him tomorrow, right?

Sister: (laughs) We’ll see.

(And they walk on into the darkness.)


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