Small Talk

I can not do small talk.

How do people manage to lift conversations by discussing the length of time Person A dated Person B, or how long it has been since they picked dandruff off of their scalp?

How do friends manage to spend hours a day throwing gossip around the table like ping pong balls only for them to enter eardrums and leave worthless echos behind?

I want to discuss philosophies,

paradoxes, tilt perspectives and delve into motives of

people with accomplishments and

activists with a message, tear apart

stereotypes and calibrate statements that

reveal truths and deception



I want a friend that challenges my opinions,

sends me original posts of paintings that have been washed away by

appropriation and aesthetics,

watered down and over-generalized by those

“modern-life” fanatics, I want

pictures that capture




send me criminals and POW’s that

weather away on the streets with

stories to tell, even if it doesn’t end well because,

at the end of the day,

that is where all the lessons are.


My friend should not

Yes, sir,

Okay, sir,

Thank you, sir, me.

My friend should have a loud mouth that tells the

most bizarre of stories,

point to constellations and actually show me, Aries,

instead of claiming the stars determine Character Anatomy as if being born

on a specific month determines their love for certain corporate entities, and

If it does, then why?

What is the correlation between Starbucks and Zodiac signs

because I want to know.

And it is okay if you don’t because we can find the answers, instead of leaving it at a

#relatable post the Instagram algorithm derived based on the number of

#realtable posts liked in the past week.


Our conversations should connect constellations of

politics and policies that govern modern day society, our

presence should be free of social batteries, and be

run with the high of academic steroids because

that is the only way that learning is worth it.


I have a friend,

who holds the world in his palms,

shows me the curvatures of perspective,

analyzes the harshness of German sounds

teaches me that language is not as superficial as it seems, and writes

paragraphs upon paragraphs

on world wars, and

Plato’s allegories until our thumbs are

aching for our minds to stop thinking, until our

eyes dry out from all the

the knowledge we are drinking.


I have a friend,

who gave me metal and told me to bend my lock and key into shape, who

showed me how easy it is to deceive those who do not question. who

taught me that small talk is for the narrow-minded,

and for that, I am forever grateful.


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